"Fruits of the Backyard" is an annual educational event hosted by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture for homeowners interested in making better use of their outdoor space. Commercial producers may also benefit from the seminars put on by experts from UT AgResearch. The event takes place on June 15, 2010. Visitors can tour the fields and orchards of the Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center while university experts provide tips on production of fresh fruits like blueberries and table grapes.
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Blueberries have grown in popularity in recent years due to the revelation of this small fruit's amazing health benefits. At the Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center we're working to help Tennessee producers reap these benefits by researching management procedures that will promote faster growth and higher berry quantity.
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Table Grapes are a small growing market in the fruit industry. We're researching grape varieties that will grow well in the Tennessee climate, so you can enjoy a fresh, locally raised product of the highest quality. We will be releasing new varieties of grapes soon, so stay tuned for more information!
Fruit production and management.
Wildlife Damage Control is vital for small fruit crops.  Currently researchers at the Middle Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center are testing methods that will protect your homegrown produce from birds and other pests.
Wildlife Damage Control in Small Fruit Crops.