Switchgrass Forage is a potential alternative for farmers raising switchgrass for biofuels. In this brand new study, we are testing performance levels in livestock that graze switchgrass. If research results are positive, landowners will have another option for utilizing switchgrass. Preliminary results will be coming soon. Grass-fed Beef is considered healthier than grain-fed beef due to its leanness and beneficial fatty acid proportions. However, most consumers prefer the taste of grain-fed beef. In an effort to find a balance of healthiness and taste, studies were conducted to determine the impact of supplementing grass-fed cattle with soyhulls, a highly digestible fiber source. According to research findings, Tennessee can produce quality beef with natural forage contributing 80 percent of the diet. Tested cattle still had good gains in weight, and in a Texas A & M meat evaluation, there was no difference in taste. And the supplementation did not dramatically hinder the health beneftis. Good news for consumers as well as producers since maintaining a grass-fed herd can increase productivity and profit.
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